Digital Marketers Sharing Knowledge to Compete Better

13 May

On 19th May digital marketers from all over Toronto and beyond will get together to network at the Inbound Marketing Toronto event. This is one of the most amazing meetings of digital marketers in Canada especially since many of the marketers who will attend it are actually competing for the same clients but all that is put aside and they actually interact as friends and share knowledge that will advance their careers.

Caitlin, one of the organisers of this meetup has been doing this since the beginning of 2016 and says the monthly meet-ups help to increase return on investment for organisations. “By sharing our knowledge and networking, we are not giving away secrets, we are actually improving the industry we work in and in the end it is good for all of us,” Caitlin says.

Inbound marketing for accountants gives an opportunity for the majority of marketers to network and share knowledge about the industry with tips, tricks, and best practices. It is a series of activities which includes powerful Keynote addresses that will focus on particular topics that are of a current concern in the industry, these are followed by workshops and participants can choose which to attend depending on their interest or present need for particular information.

Caitlin says the networking event has seen dramatic increase in the number of attendees which is evidence of its impact on the people who attend. She says they have relied more on the power of word of mouth to spread the word and it has proved really effective. This comes as no surprise since the digital marketers are known for employing word of mouth a lot in their marketing.

Matthew Hunt also one of the organisers for the coming meet up says there is always something to learn when you attend the event. “You would have to not pay attention to leave the event with nothing,” Hunt says.

Inbound Marketing Toronto is organised under Inbound TO which at the moment has over 1000 members which is being celebrated as a milestone on their website.

When asked if all 1000 members would be expected to attend, Hunt points out that there is usually not enough space for that many people and many times they have to provide seats on a first come first serve basis which is why intending participants are encouraged to book a place beforehand.

Rogers Green a marketing professional with a tech company says it would be great if every industry could learn from the Inbound Marketing organisers and get together to grow their knowledge base. The success of many digital marketers in Toronto can be attributed to the knowledge they receive from the event. For example, in 2013, there was a keynote address on how to use email marketing to make people la uhugh as well as make money and many of the marketers who attended this talk have implemented the strategy with amazing results for their organisations.

This monthly event takes place on the third Thursday of every month at downtown Toronto.